The future of Artificial Intelligence on social media: The impact of AI on social media and its users

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If you’re a regular user of major social media platforms and are observant, you may have already noticed some changes in how these platforms operate. These changes are largely due to the advent of AI and how AI related technologies have disrupted the online industries  


Artificial intelligence has become an essential component of modern social media platforms. Recent reports suggest that the AI for social media industry is projected to experience significant growth, with an expected value of $2.1 billion by 2023. This rapid expansion is due to various factors, including the recognition by businesses that integrating AI in social media can provide numerous advantages, as is common during digital transformation in many industries. 


Currently, AI is being utilized for social media analytics, and the future possibilities for AI in this area are worth exploring. Here are a few keyways AI will change how social media works.  


Using AI for specified social media marketing  

When it comes to promoting brands, products, services, solutions, offers, and other marketing efforts on social media platforms, AI technology can play a significant role. By utilizing AI, businesses can increase their visibility and engagement with customers, resulting in higher levels of inbound traffic to their web-based portals such as websites and landing pages.  


Using AI for activity-based personalization  

If you’ve ever used a social media platform, you’ve likely noticed the powerful AI engine at work. This technology is designed to suggest content, brands, or products that align with your personal tastes and preferences, utilizing targeted recommendations based on your browsing history and usage patterns. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as streaming services like Netflix and e-commerce sites like Amazon, use recommendation engines to collect data on the content you engage with in order to improve their suggestions.  


Using AI on social media platforms by replacing cutomerservice with intelligent chatbots  


 The integration of AI in social media offers a significant advantage: reduced reliance on backend support resources for handling customer queries. With the help of smart chatbots or pre-programmed auto-conversational robots, user inquiries can be instantly addressed 24/7, thereby streamlining the customer service process, conserving time and resources, and ultimately improving the customer experience. 


Using AI on social media platforms to evaluate user sentiment  


By leveraging AI on social media, these platforms can analyze and predict customer sentiment, providing valuable insights for brands and marketers to better understand demographics, trends, and behavioral patterns. AI-enabled tools and solutions offer a faster and more efficient way to create highly targeted content and marketing messaging for social media campaigns, ultimately leading to increased effectiveness and a better ROI.  


Facial recognition for heightened engagement  

In 2021, for any interactive social media platform that hopes to succeed in the future, reducing login time intervals through facial recognition technology is a top priority. AI-powered facial recognition technology enables users to explore a range of features, including real-time facial overlay filters, image editing, and easy creation of photo- and video-based content. With this technology, social media users can more easily engage with a variety of features, making for a more seamless and user-friendly experience.  


According to recent reports, almost 40% of companies are now utilizing AI in social media for marketing, content creation, and analytics. This adoption is well-justified, as the abundance of unstructured data gathered from social media platforms can provide valuable insights and custom recommendations for users. Artificial intelligence’s ability to understand user behavior and predict trends has become an essential component of social media today. 


Without the appropriate tools, expertise, and intelligence, attempting to make sense of data can be a futile activity. The application of AI in social media marketing allows for intelligent analysis of customer data, enabling marketers to capture, organize, validate, compare, and understand data in order to better serve their customers.  



In conclusion, the proliferation of AI on social media has had a significant impact on the way social media platforms operate. Users who pay close attention to these changes can see how AI has transformed the online industry, and based on how fast the industry is changing, we must be in for a wild ride.  


With the continued development of AI technology, it is clear that the future of social media will be shaped by innovative advancements that will provide even more benefits to even more businesses seeking to exploit AI for all its worth, which means people like you and me, the regular netizens, will keep experiencing this AI revolution in full force because we are the target audience for the cooperations behind the machines.  





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