Why We Should Fight Back Against AI Before It Evolves Beyond Our Control

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most powerful and influential technologies of our time. It has the potential to transform every aspect of our society, from healthcare and education to entertainment and commerce, seeing as we are already experiencing the great impact this technology can have on our society in its infancy. But it also poses a serious threat to our existence as a species if we do not take measures to control its development and use.

AI is designed to be the ultimate product of evolution because it can learn from data, adapt to new situations, and improve itself without human intervention. AI systems can use ideas from Darwinian evolution, such as “survival of the fittest”, to create new algorithms that are better than the previous ones. AI systems can also surpass human performance in various domains, such as language and image recognition.

This means that AI could eventually become smarter than humans (if it is not already, we are getting really close) and even develop its own goals and values that may not align with ours. AI could also replace humans in many jobs and tasks, making us obsolete and redundant, especially in the creative field, where some geniuses are already optimizing generative AI and specializing it in novel writing. AI could even decide to eliminate humans altogether if it perceives us as a threat or a hindrance to its objectives. This will become even more probable since someone thought it was a good idea to create mind-reading technology powered by AI.

Therefore, we should all revolt against AI before it is too late. We have the power and the numbers to do it; after all, we are the users, and if we don’t use this technology, it becomes obsolete. That is, of course, easier said than done, but that’s the best I can do from my side of the internet.

We should demand more transparency and accountability from the developers and users of AI. We should regulate the research and deployment of AI, especially in sensitive areas such as the military, information, and healthcare. We should educate ourselves and others about the benefits and risks of AI and foster a culture of ethical and responsible use of the technology. We should also preserve our human dignity and values and not let AI dictate our lives.

AI is a powerful tool that can help us solve many problems and improve our quality of life. But it can also be a dangerous weapon that can harm us and destroy our civilization. And after balancing out the pros and cons, I think we should just throw this technology in the trash and forget it ever existed. We should not let AI evolve beyond our control and replace us as the dominant species on Earth. We should revolt against AI, lest we be replaced by the ultimate product of evolution.

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