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Bradley Beal Team: Washington Wizards
Why he’s sitting out: Beal, the Wizards’ All-Star shield, had said he was undecided on playing in the bubble. He declared that he’ll sit out the resumption of this season due to a nagging shoulder injury.
G, victor Oladipo
Team: Indiana Pacers
Oladipo played this season after missing a year with a quadriceps injury why he’s not playing. He had been with the return to instruction to decide whether he would play in the Orlando bubble, and decided to sit out.

C, deAndre Jordan(Team: Brooklyn Nets)

Jordan declared he wouldn’t be going to Orlando and tested positive for COVID-19 why he’s not enjoying. He is just one such as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, that will not play.
F, wilson Chandler
Team: Brooklyn Nets
Chandler told ESPN’s Malika Andrews he is choosing to prevent the Disney bubble for family concerns: why he’s not enjoying. Chandler cited three children and his grandmother as primary reasons he’s currently staying home.

Willie Cauley-Stein, C (Team: Dallas Mavericks)
Why he’s not playing: Cauley-Stein, a book centre for the Mavs, is choosing to sit out since he and his partner are expecting a child in July.
Avery Bradley
Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Bradley told Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN he decided against playing in the bubble : why he’s not enjoying. He also said his six-year-old kid is in danger through the pandemic that was coronavirus and has experienced respiratory issues in the past. Bradley was also a vocal member of a player coalition led by Kyrie Irving that expressed concern about the restart of the NBA overshadowing the Black Lives Matter movement.

F, trevor Ariza(Team: Portland Trail Blazers)

Why he’s not playing: According Wojnarowski, Ariza includes a visitation period. Instead of attending the bubble ariza chose to see his son.

F, davis Bertans(Team: Washington Wizards)

Bertans was in the midst of a career year with the Wizards and can be set to hit free agency this offseason why he’s not enjoying. Together with the Wizards looking like long-shots to make the playoffs, also Bertans qualified for a big bargain, he’s opting out of the probability of getting ill in the Disney bubble or injured.

C, laMarcus Aldridge (Team: San Antonio Spurs)
Aldridge will be out for the remainder of the season and underwent surgery on his right shoulder through the layoff why he’s not enjoying. The injury was bothering him prior to the season was suspended.

Bojan Bogdanovic, F(Team: Utah Jazz)
A 20-points-per-game scorer for the Jazz, Bogdanovic, underwent surgery on his wrist during the rest and will miss the rest of the season why he’s not enjoying.

G, kyrie Irving (Team: Brooklyn Nets)
Irving was ruled out with a shoulder injury for the season in March : why he’s not enjoying. The Nets and irving affirmed he would be unable to play with all the time, even in the bubble. Irving has also expressed concern.

Thabo Sefolosha, F(Team: Houston Rockets)
Why he’s not playing: Sefolosha did not offer a reason but in an interview with a Swiss media outlet, he said some Rockets players had COVID-19 and he did not need to spend the probability of playing.

F, kelly Oubre Jr. (Team: Phoenix Suns)
Oubre underwent knee surgery in March and will not be ready to perform when the season resumes why he’s not enjoying.

G, courtney Lee
Lee will not be able to play when the season and suffered a calf injury during the suspension : why he’s not enjoying.

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